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Who am I?

I am a clinical psychologist, writer and illustrator.


I work during the day as a psychoanalyst, working with an average of ten patients a day, with some excuse of a lunch in between. ​


At night and on weekends, I dive into art: making illustrations, most done digitally on photoshop thanks to my wacom, and writing poems and stories that sometimes turn into books. ​


I am open for commissions to be used as promotion for products, book covers, conceptual art for games, and am open to other opportunities and ideas from you as well. ​


I am currently waiting to hear from a publisher about my second fantasy novel: Haven. You can check out my books that are already published at Amazon. ​


I really hope that you will find something meaningful for you here, whether my illustrations or my writings, or maybe both. ​


PS: Why George84? I like George, the English version of Jorge, and 84 is my year of birth. Besides that, I love George Orwell's 1984.

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