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James gave his future to a woman so she could dream. He gave his past to his mother so she could remember. 

Now he lives in a present that lasts less than a second, the only time he kept for himself.


"Why did you give her your future?"

"There was nothing else I could give her. And she deserves everything I can give."

"But not your present?"

"She could have it, but she is not interesed in it. No one is."

"Will you remember this conversation?"

"No, you know it will be in the past, and that I have also given that away"


"Just think of me as the wind. Immortal but invisible, silent in its flight."


"Just... think of me."


If people encounter James in their path, they will think he has lost his past and his future.

Some will mourn him, some will mock him, but none will understand that what has been freely given is never lost.

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